Top 12 Prefab Off Grid Homes ( With Prices )

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Prefab homes are ideal for anybody who wants a house for a relatively cheap price, in fact, a lot of people living off the grid tend to do it in a prefab house. Prefab houses in addition to being extremely cheap they can be built in a matter of days, or even hours although this mostly depends on the size of the prefab house. Not a lot of people talk about off grid prefab houses, although there are entire communities that only use prefab houses and there are a lot of benefits in getting one.

Prefab off grid homes tend to focus mostly on being energy efficient, some of them are made to be completely off the grid while others you will have to modify in order to turn them into an off grid home. Prefab homes that are specially designed for off grid living do include solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and a septic system. The most popular prefab off grid homes are made by, ZeroHouse, MAPA Architects, and Jamaica Cottage Shop amongst others.

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The biggest appeal for an off grid prefab house is that it is extremely cheap especially when you compare it to the price of traditional houses. In addition to this, you have a lot of options for off grid prefab houses as there are a lot of manufacturers across the world. Even if the prefab house has to be transported from another part of the world it would still be cheaper than buying or building a house the traditional way.

Although prefab houses are excellent for living off the grid but it really depends on where you are living off the grid. Prefab houses are not ideal in areas where the climate is fairly harsh, don’t get me wrong there are some prefab houses that are specifically designed for different climates but these tend to be fairly expensive. If you live in an area where winters tend to be fairly cold then you have to get a prefab house which is specially designed for such a climate.

In areas where the summers tend to be fairly hot, you have to use a prefab house that is made for that climate. Most prefab homes have a lot of plastic, and plastic isn’t really good in areas where the climate is fairly hot, as you will feel like you live in an oven. Generally speaking, most companies that sell prefab houses also make the installation, although a prefab house can be installed relatively fast, that doesn’t mean that the company will be able to do it as fast as possible.

Prefab homes have a massive demand and oftentimes the manufacturer won’t be able to assemble the prefab house on location for a couple of months. If you are looking to buy a prefab hose and to live off the grid in it then just ask the manufacturer if they have sold any in your area and if it is possible to check it out. Some prefab house manufacturers have demo houses in certain locations which you should definitely check out.

Just keep in mind that you also have to calculate the costs of transportation, foundation, and different permits in order to have to total costs of the prefab off grid house.

Prefab Off Grid Homes

Prefab off-grid homes have emerged as a popular and innovative solution for individuals seeking sustainable and self-sufficient living. These pre-fabricated dwellings combine the convenience of factory construction with the benefits of off-grid functionality, offering a streamlined and efficient way to create a home that operates independently from traditional utilities. Prefab off-grid homes come in various styles and sizes, designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. They often feature solar panels, rainwater collection systems, composting toilets, and other off-grid technologies to support a self-sustaining lifestyle.

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ZeroHouse Starting From $350,000

The ZeroHouse prefab house is on the more expensive side of prefab houses, but there are a lot of reasons why this house has such a high price tag. Most prefab houses are only sold as that and nothing more, which needs that you have to set up the septic tank, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting system. The ZeroHouse has all of them incorporated in the design, which means that from the moment the house is installed you can generate your own power, treat your own sewage, and harvest rainwater. You also have the possibility to assemble the prefab house yourself, or you can build the off grid house from scratch, if you want to build your off grid house then check out my recent article Building a house off the grid ( In 10 Steps ).

The ZeroHouse is made to fit comfortably 4 people, it has a modern design that some people love, although if you want a rustic-looking prefab house then this is probably not for you. As these houses come with an inbuilt septic system you have to make sure that they are allowed by the local authorities, especially if you want to use a composting toilet as a lot of states do not allow composting toilets, for more information check out my recent article What states allow composting toilets? ( Top 8 States ).

MAPA Architects Starting From $27,000

The company MAPA architects located in Brazil and Uruguay specialize in the construction of prefab houses. They tend to use high-quality materials and they do custom designs depending on the customer’s needs. Although their prefab house designs are not made specifically for off grid living but with some additional investment, you can turn it into an off grid house in no time. The starting price of their prefab houses starts at around $27,000, which is extremely cheap even to South American standards.

Although the house doesn’t come with solar panels or a septic system it does include a rainwater harvesting tank. The good news is that you will be able to incorporate any type of waste treatment without a lot of hassle, and you do have a lot of options for off grid toilets, for more information check out my recent article Off grid toilet options ( Top 6 ).

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop company specializes in prefab houses and buildings, they have a lot of different designs for different needs. The best part about their prefab houses is that you can customize them however you want from floors to walls, septic systems, and so on. The price of their prefab homes is fairly affordable, although it mostly depends on the size of the house, smaller ones are extremely cheap.

Some prefab houses come with everything you need to live off the grid, solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system, and a septic system as well. The Jamaica Cottage Shop company uses high-quality materials and most of their designs are focused on utility. If you want an off grid home that has a more rustic look to it then this company is for you.

Ark Shelter Starting From $50,000

The Ark Shelter prefab house comes out of the box with everything you would need to live off the grid. This prefab house comes with a rainwater harvesting system, septic system, and the possibility to generate power off the grid. Although the house uses a small wind turbine to generate power, which isn’t ideal in a lot of areas of the country. On the other hand, a small wind turbine will generate plenty of power even during the short winter days, when solar panels tend to struggle.

On the other hand, the prefab house from the Ark Shelter is at around $50k which also includes the cost of setting it up and transportation. Although the costs of transportation really depend on the area where you want the prefab house to be shipped.

Modscape Starting From $300,000

The Modscape company is based in Australia, and they specialize in prefab houses and commercial buildings as well. The design of their prefab houses is fairly modern and they are made to the client’s specifications. The prefab houses which they offer do come with solar panels included, although they do not include a rainwater harvesting system or a septic system. On the other hand, you can easily turn the prefab houses that they offer into an off grid house with some investment.

The best part is that they are able to ship the prefab houses in just 12 weeks, and the installation takes around a day or two, depending on the challenges of the specific location. If you want a minimalist design then this company is excellent for you, they have extremely beautiful and minimalist designs of prefab houses for sale.

Plant Prefab Starting From $269,000

The Plant Prefab company offers eco-friendly prefab houses, and their main focus is to not waste any materials if possible. The design of their prefab houses is fairly modern and they do use high-quality materials. Although the prefab houses they have on offer are not made for off grid living but with some investment, you can turn them into an excellent house for off grid living. The prefab houses they are selling look extremely good, but they tend to be fairly expensive.

The smallest prefab house which they do offer is a 2 bedroom 958 square feet and it costs $269,000 with all costs included. In addition to this, you will have to buy solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system, and a sewage system as well.

Gray Organschi Architecture Starting From $50,000

The Gray Organschi Architecture company specializes in prefab houses and in commercial buildings as well. They have a prefab house model named the Ecological Living Module, which is basically a small house built from the ground up for off grid living. This means that the prefab house includes solar panels, a septic system, and a rainwater harvesting system. The design of the prefab house is modern and minimalistic as well.

On the other hand, this is a fairly small prefab house, only at around 230 square feet. The price of this prefab house is around $50,000, which is on the cheaper side of prefab houses, although the size is way too small for that price range.

Method Homes Starting From $100,000

Method Homes specialize in modular and prefab houses as well, most of their designs are modern and minimalistic with large windows which is excellent if you want a house with a lot of natural light. They are mostly focusing on eco-friendly prefab houses, and with a couple of modifications, you can easily turn them into an off grid house. You can easily install solar panels on the prefab house but you need to purchase them separately.

In addition to this, you will have to buy separately the rainwater harvesting system and the septic system as well. They do have a couple of options for these as well but you can also use your own septic and rainwater harvesting system and install them once the house is built.  The price of prefabricated Method Homes starts at around $100,000.

Minim Homes 70,000

Minim Homes specialize in small prefab houses, and for most of their designs, they do have an on grid and an off grid option. The design of their prefab houses is fairly modern although they are on the smaller side. The small prefab houses which they are selling are actually tiny houses of around 250 square feet and at a price of $70,000. Their off grid option for the prefab houses does offer solar panels, although I am not sure if they offer the septic system as well.

Green Modern Kits Casa Ti Starting From $30,000

The Green Modern Kits Casa Ti is a relatively allege prefab house and at a really cheap price. Currently, the price of this prefab house starts at $30,000, and the size is around 1,200 square feet which is relatively large for a prefab house. The design of the house is fairly simple, although it has relatively few small windows. Most off grid prefab houses tend to be also eco-friendly houses and for the most part, they focus on using as little energy as possible, thus the windows tend to be fairly large.

The prefab houses offered by this company do have a 20-year warranty and as it is made by just a small company they put a lot of love into building the small prefab houses.

Modern Tiny Living Starting From $30,000

Modern Tiny Living is a company based in the USA and they mainly specialize in building prefab tiny houses. Although the tiny prefab houses are not made for off grid living proposes, but with some additional investment, you can make the tiny house into a tiny off grid house fairly easily. As the company mostly offers prefab tiny houses the cost of them is relatively cheap at around $30,000.

Just keep in mind that these tiny houses are so small that two people will have a hard time living in one, but after all, they are mostly made to be used by one person.

The Backcountry Hut Company Starting From $70,000

The Backcountry Hut Company specializes in modern prefab houses, and some of them have an industrial look. The prefab houses which they have on sale tend to maximize utility rather than looks, which is a big plus in my eyes. The company is located in Canada although they do ship to the USA as well. Their prefab houses come in 4 modules, which can be bought separately, and once assembled they are at around 800 square feet.

The best part about this company is that they have no problem delivering the house to a remote area, mostly shipping with a helicopter although this will defiantly increase the costs. The prefab houses made by them have a starting price of $70,000.

EcoCapsule Starting From $100,000

The EcoCapsule is not actually a prefab house, it is a capsule. There are a lot of companies that do offer tiny off grid prefab houses, but the size of those is usually at around 200-300 feet. The EcoCapsule is even smaller than that at around 100 feet. On the other hand, this small prefab house does have everything that you need for off grid living like the ability to generate power, a composting toilet, and a rainwater harvesting system.

The EcoCapsule actually has both solar panels and a small wind turbine for generating power. The company making the EcoCapsule is from Europe and the costs of the prefab house start at around $100,000. So if you want to order one then make sure to also take into consideration the costs of transport.

Key Takeaways

  • Prefabricated (prefab) off-grid homes offer the advantage of efficient construction and convenient installation. These homes are built off-site in a controlled environment, allowing for precise manufacturing and quality control. Once completed, they are transported and assembled on the desired off-grid location, minimizing construction time and disruption.
  • Many prefab off-grid homes are specifically designed to accommodate off-grid living. They often incorporate features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, composting toilets, and energy-efficient appliances. These homes are engineered to be self-sufficient, allowing occupants to generate their own power, collect and manage water, and reduce reliance on external resources.
  • Prefab off-grid homes come in a range of designs and sizes, offering flexibility and customization options to suit individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s a small cabin or a larger family home, prefab homes can be tailored to fit various lifestyles and budgets. Additionally, they can be expanded or modified over time, making them adaptable to changing needs or environmental conditions.