How To Go Off The Grid And Disappear ( In 6 Steps )

There are a lot of people who go completely off the grid and never tell anybody about it. For the most part, when somebody goes off the grid to disappear they tend to have a very good reason for it. On the other hand, there are some people who are fed up with our modern society and just want to live on their own terms without being bothered by anybody. Some people who go off the grid in order to disappear might end up reported as missing, so make sure to let your relatives and friends know where you are going.

You can go off the grid and disappear by carefully planning where you want to go off the grid and when you actually want to disappear. Timing is everything, going off the grid during the winter is a lot more difficult than during the summer. Keep in mind that even if you want to go off the grid and disappear you still have to follow the local laws, if you don’t sooner or later you will be in trouble.

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Not everybody who lives off the grid does it in order to disappear but living off the grid comes with its challenges and limitations, and keeping in touch with relatives and friends can be difficult if you do not even have cell phone reception. There are a lot of lone wolf type people in this world and many of them do choose to disappear off the grid, some of them had a comfortable desk job for years, and all of a sudden they get fed up with it.

Escaping the rat race is one of the main reasons why some people want to go off the grid and disappear completely. Not everybody is a social person, some find happiness in solitude, and trust me nothing makes one happier than building something with their own hands. The problem is that getting off the grid and disappearing is romanticized way too much in movies, and a lot of beginners take the plunge without knowing anything about living off the grid.

Living off the grid is hard work, some people will manage and thrive while others will quit in just a short few months. One of the biggest challenges of living off the grid in a remote area is having access to the internet, so if you want to disappear off the grid but still have access to the internet then check out my recent article How to have off grid Internet? ( Top 15 Ways ).

Know The Off Grid Laws Before You Disappear

One of the biggest misconceptions of living off the grid is that you do not need to follow the local laws but no matter how remote the area is you will still have to follow the local laws. Even if your off grid home doesn’t even have road access you will still have to follow the building codes. County officials tend to use satellite images and drones to see if there is some unauthorized building going on.

Living off the grid is legal, and generally speaking, there are no specific laws that limit or prohibit living off the grid. With that being said in some states and counties you could have some limitations and restrictions, regarding harvesting rainwater, growing crops, using composting toilets, and so on. If you want to know which states are the best for living off the grid then check out my recent article Best states for off grid living ( 1-50 Best to Worst ).

Get A Remote Plot Of Land Where You Can Live Off The Grid And Disappear

Not all plots of land are good for living off the grid, no matter how cheap they might be. Some people do risk it by not purchasing a plot of land and building their off grid house on federal land, although I do not recommend it. The plot of land has to have some fertile soil where you will be able to grow crops, in addition to this the plot of land has to be near a source of fresh water or at least you should have the ability to harvest rainwater.

If you want to generate some power then your best bet will be to use solar panels, just keep in mind that these have to be in direct contact with the sun so they will work as efficiently as possible.

Prepare To Live Off The Grid And Disappear

There are a lot of things that you need to do if you want to live off the grid and disappear. These preparations could take a couple of months so it is better to start preparing sooner than later. The better you are prepared to live off the grid the easier it will be to go off the grid and disappear. A lot of beginners only know the benefits of living off the grid, like no utility bills and the low cost of living.

Although it will take you a long time until you will be able to live comfortably off the grid, and by that, I mean that it will take time until you can grow enough crops, harvest rainwater, and until you figure out how to generate as much power as you need. If you want a more in-depth look at how to prepare for living off the grid then check out my recent article How to prepare to live off the grid ( In 14 Easy Steps ).

Choose The Right Time To Go Off The Grid And Disappear

When you actually go off the grid and disappear is crucial, and your main goal should be to make it as easy for yourself as possible. The timing will mostly depend on two factors, where you want to go off the grid and disappear and personal circumstances. If you want to disappear off the grid in one of the northern states then you have to do it in the spring, this way you can prepare for the winter during spring and summer.

On the other hand, if you want to disappear off the grid during the winter then make sure that your off grid shelter has plenty of firewood and food, the last thing you would want is to be in the middle of nowhere during the winter with no food and firewood. In the southern states, you can go off the grid at any time you want, but only as long as you can still harvest rainwater or you have access to fresh water.

Disappearing Off The Grid Means No Outside Communications

Keeping in touch with friends and family tends to be fairly difficult off the grid, mostly because in remote areas there is no cell phone reception, let alone access to the internet. This is why some people living off the grid do not even generate their own power, as there is no point charging their smartphones if they can’t use them. With that being said you should still use at least a weather radio, as in some parts of the country the weather can turn quickly which can be dangerous.

As you can see once you are off the grid you will have limited options of communicating, so make sure to tell your loved ones where you are going and when you are planning to come back or to visit them. This way if something goes wrong your loved ones can notify the authorities and let them search for you. Even if you want to completely disappear and go off the grid you should still have some way of communicating with others, especially during an emergency.

Grow Your Own Food Off The Grid

Once you have access to water then your next main focus should be to have the ability to feed yourself off the grid. For the most part, this would mean growing your own crops, although you could live off the land by hunting and fishing. Once you are able to grow enough food for yourself then you should start preserving food, the crop yield will be different from one year to another so make sure to can as much food as you can during times of plenty.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when you are planning to go off the grid and disappear. Your personal safety should be your first priority, from there on you should focus on harvesting rainwater, growing crops, and so on until you are completely self sufficient off the grid.


How do you run away and go off the grid?

Running away and going off the grid involves careful planning and preparation. It requires finding a suitable location, acquiring necessary skills and resources for self-sufficiency, disconnecting from mainstream systems, and ensuring personal safety and legal considerations.

How do I take myself off the grid?

Taking yourself off the grid involves transitioning to a self-sustainable lifestyle by generating your own power, sourcing water and food independently, managing waste effectively, and reducing reliance on external services. It requires learning practical skills, adopting sustainable practices, and creating a resilient living environment.

Is it possible to be completely off the grid?

While it’s challenging to be completely off the grid in today’s interconnected world, it is possible to significantly reduce dependence on mainstream infrastructure and services. Achieving complete self-sufficiency requires careful planning, investment in alternative energy sources, sustainable food production, water management, and embracing a minimalistic lifestyle.

How do you leave your old life behind and disappear?

Leaving your old life behind and disappearing involves careful consideration and planning to ensure personal safety and legal compliance. It may include changing your identity, severing ties with previous connections, relocating to a new area, and adopting a low-profile lifestyle to minimize exposure and maintain privacy. Seek legal advice and professional assistance, if necessary, to navigate the process effectively.