Best Places To Move From California ( Top 7 )

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During the past couple of years, more and more people are moving out of California and this trend is getting bigger by the year. There are numerous reasons why people tend to move out from this state but the most common one is the high cost of living. While the average salary in California is higher than the national average but people who live in this state need a lot more money to live comfortably because everything is so expensive.

States like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington, Vermont, Nevada, and Oregon are the best places to move from California, although these states do have their own issues, they are still considered to be a good alternative to California.

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When deciding where to move from California there are a couple of things that you should take into consideration, taxes, climate, and the cost of living. California tends to have fairly high taxes so you will have no problem finding a state which has lower taxes. Most people who move out from California want to have both lower taxes and a familiar climate, although some take the plunge and move up north for even lower taxes but with a colder climate.

California’s climate is fairly hot almost all year-round, there are some states that do have similar climates but you might find that the lands in these states are not as fertile as in California. California has one of the most fertile lands in the entire country, so if you want to grow your own crops in a new state then you have to look at states which both favorable climate and fertile lands as well.

If you want to move out of California because of the high cost of living then you will have a lot of options. Not everybody that moves out of California makes a good decision when it comes to choosing a state, and a lot of people regret leaving California. On the other hand, if you want to move from California to live off the grid then you do not have a lot of options, for more information check out my recent article Best states for off grid living ( 1-50 Best to Worst ).

Best Places To Move From California

As people seek new horizons and consider relocating from California, numerous enticing destinations offer a fresh start and a change of pace. Whether driven by factors like cost of living, quality of life, or different opportunities, the decision to move from California can open doors to exciting possibilities. From scenic coastal towns to vibrant cities and charming rural communities, there are a plethora of options for those seeking a new place to call home. Factors such as job opportunities, housing affordability, climate, and cultural attractions all come into play when determining the best places to relocate.


The number one place where most people from California are moving to is Texas. Texas has a very similar climate to California and in addition to this, the taxes and the cost of living are also a lot lower than in California. Not only people are moving out from California but large companies as well, you know the ones that made California an economic powerhouse. Large companies have been leaving California for Texas for over a decade already, and only now have people started to notice why they are doing it.

Living in Texas is definitely more affordable than living in California, although not all is sunshine and rainbows. The cost of the property is steadily rising in Texas, mostly from all the people coming from California with a lot of money, and sooner or later the average Texas resident will not be able to compete when it comes to buying a house. The good news is that there are a lot of counties where the Californian exodus is not felt yet, although it is only a matter of time until the prices will start rising here as well. If you want to know how is living off the grid in this state then check out my recent article Off grid living in Texas ( The Lone Star State ).


Oklahoma is a good choice for people leaving California who want even lower taxes and cost of living than in Texas. Oklahoma is not as developed as Texas is and the population is still on the decline due to the lack of job opportunities. On the other hand, this state has a similar climate as California but it does have its own issues. Most notably the crime rate is fairly high and the education system is also fairly poor.

The high crime rate is only high if you come from a relatively low crime rate area and not from California. California has a fairly high crime rate and the crime rate in Oklahoma is negligible when you compare both. If you want to homestead or to live off the grid in this state then check out my recent article Off grid living in Oklahoma ( Sooner State ).


One of the main reasons why people move out of California to Arizona is due to the close proximity as the two states are right next to each other. The taxes and the cost of property in Arizona are a lot lower than in California. The major issue of moving to Arizona is the lack of water, the entire state relies on the Colorado River for its water supply and the river is shrinking every year, and it will shrink even faster as global warming causes droughts in the area.

For the moment the lack of water is not a major concern for people who move from California to Arizona but in a couple of years, it will definitely be. If you can handle some water restrictions in the near future then this state could be a good alternative to California, although you are just switching from one state with problems to another one that will have some major problems in the near future.


For people who want to move out from California and they also want to change the climate to a less hot one Washington is one of their best alternatives. The cost of living and the taxes are not that high when you compare it to California, although when you compare them to the national average you will see that Washington is fairly expensive. The biggest problem of Wahington is the cost of property, which is fairly high and is only getting more expensive.

On the other hand, if you have the money to buy a property in this state then go for it, this is one of the most beautiful states in the entire country, with plenty of national parks, forests, wildlife, and most importantly it has plenty of water.


Vermont is a good choice for people who are moving out of California, although if you are doing it for monetary reasons then there are definitely better states than Vermont. The climate of Vermont is fairly cold when you compare it to California, although for some people this is a big plus in their eyes. If you are moving out of California due to the high crime rate then Vermont is ideal for you, as it is one of the safest states in the country.

The state of Vermont doesn’t have problems with water or the electric grid which are kind of problematic in California. On the other hand, Vermont tends to have higher taxes than the national average although they are not as bad as in California.


For some reason, a lot of people moving out of California choose Nevada, although by doing that they switch from one problematic state to another. There are two main things that attract people from California to move to Nevada, the low cost of living, and the close proximity to California. A lot of people want to move from California to Nevada just temporarily until the problems in California get resolved and they can move back.

The problem is that this will not happen overnight, and moving to Nevada from California just because it is close is rather pointless. The tax rates and the cost of living in Nevada are lower than in California although Nevada tends to have a problem with water mostly due to the frequent droughts.


People who want to live in close proximity to California and also have a change in scenery and climate will often choose Oregon. Oregon’s climate is a lot colder than California’s climate which can be a big plus for many people. Oregon doesn’t have a problem with water or the power grid although it has a problem with unemployment. The main problem with Oregon is that a lot of Californians have considered this state as the second-best option to California.

This means that in recent years more and more Californians have moved into this state, which drove the price of the housing market up significantly. The high cost of property and the high unemployment rate is not a good mix, and sooner or later something has to give.

Key Takeaways

  • Texas is a popular destination for individuals and families looking to relocate from California. It offers a lower cost of living, affordable housing options, and no state income tax. The state has a diverse economy, job opportunities, and a range of recreational activities. Cities such as Austin, Dallas, and Houston are particularly attractive for their vibrant culture, thriving tech industry, and urban amenities.
  • Nevada is another state that attracts Californians seeking a change. It boasts a more affordable cost of living, lower taxes, and a business-friendly environment. Cities like Las Vegas and Reno offer entertainment, outdoor recreation, and job opportunities in various industries, including tourism and technology. Nevada’s proximity to California makes it a convenient option for those wanting to maintain ties with the West Coast.
  • Arizona appeals to many California residents due to its warm climate, diverse landscapes, and lower living costs. Cities like Phoenix and Tucson offer a range of amenities, cultural attractions, and employment opportunities. The state’s favorable tax climate, including lower property taxes, can be appealing to those looking to stretch their finances further. Additionally, Arizona offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and golfing.