Best baked goods to sell at farmers market ( Top 15 )

A lot of homesteaders rely on the farmer’s market to make a profit, and most of them manage to make a nice amount of profit. Although you will probably not get rich by selling your products at the local farmer market but you can still make a very comfortable living by selling at the farmers market. You can sell almost anything you grow at the farmers market although for some things you will need to have a permit.

Farmers’ markets have started to be extremely popular, mostly because the products people find in supermarkets tend to taste the same, no matter if you are eating a tomato or cucumber, they simply taste bland. If you have ever eaten a real tomato you know that it has a certain sweetness to it, and even the shape of it is a lot different than the perfectly shaped yet tasteless tomatoes which you find in supermarkets.

If you want to sell at the farmer’s market then you will definitely grow your own crops and make compost, my personal recommendation is to use a compost tumbler to make composting a lot easier Click here to check it out on

Baked goods are extremely popular at the farmer’s market, especially bread. Real bread tends to taste salty, not sweet like you would find in a supermarket. Most homesteaders sell their excess crops at the local farmers’ market and some take the extra time to make baked goods with what they have grown, this way with some extra work they make a lot higher profit. Bread can be made with several things in combination, from potato bread to even cabbage bread, you just have to use some imagination.

If you want to sell baked goods at the farmer’s market then you will have to keep it simple, there is no point complicating things. Remember you have a limited time to sell before they go bad, so make something that is cheap to buy for the client and easy to make. The first telltale sign that you can start focusing more on baked goods is when you got at least a couple of custom orders, and from then on the sky is the limit. If you are wondering what kind of livestock you should keep then check out my recent article Best livestock for small homestead ( Top 11 ).

Selling bread at the farmers market

There is a big demand for homemade bread, usually, the people who sell bread at the local farmers market tend to sell out in a matter of minutes. The most popular vendors have most of their bread ordered beforehand and some even deliver to their clients. You can get extremely creative with bread and the process of making bread is fairly simple. Although if you make several batches of bread then you will be limited by how much your oven can handle.

Selling dinner rolls at the farmers market

My personal recommendation is to start out small, make some dinner rolls. This way you can make more of them in your oven and they are a lot easier to sell. If there is a demand for bigger loaves then you can start making family-sized loaves. In addition to this, you can also make hamburger buns and hot dog buns as well, and if you can also sell the meat which goes with them then you have a winner product. If you want to maximize your profits with livestock then check out my recent article Goats vs Cows Profit ( Top 13 Things to Consider ).

Selling cookies at the farmers market

There are literally thousands of different cookie recipes, you can use the fruits you grow on your own land and add some extra flavoring if you want. Dry cookies are probably your best option as these do not need a dish and a spoon to be consumed, this is fairly important as a lot of people impulse buy and if they have one of their hands full with groceries they will find it difficult to use both of their hands to eat a cookie.

In my experience chocolate chip cookies are the best, everybody loves them, and they tend to have a fairly long shelflife. You should also think of how easy the cookies are to transport, for example, chocolate chip cookies need to crumble in the mouth, but if you make them extra crumbly then they might deteriorate while you are transporting them to the farmers market. If you know how to make Oreo cookies then you will be extremely popular at the farmers market. If you are wondering how is Missouri for off grid living then check out my recent article Off grid living in Missouri ( The Show-Me State ).

Selling sandwiches at the farmers market

By far the easiest baked good you could sell on a farmers market are sandwiches. I do not mean the plain old sandwiches, but the ones which you put in the oven to make them brown and to let the cheese melt. If you can make the bread and you can also use your own vegetables then you will definitely make a nice profit. Making a sandwich is not rocket science, although you should know a couple of things.

If you let the sandwiches sit in the oven for too long they will be extremely dry and they will also harden which isn’t the best. In addition to this, you will have to refrigerate the sandwiches if you are selling them the next day, this way they do not dry out. You should also store and sell them in individual packages, to avoid drying them out.

Selling pizza dough at the farmers market

In some areas of the country, pizza is extremely popular. Although I do not recommend you to sell pizzas directly at the farmers market as people want to eat a freshly made pizza. What you can do is to sell pizza dough, most people who cant not make their own pizza is because they either do not know how or do not have time to make the pizza dough. If you have ever eaten a frozen pizza, or if you have bought pizza dough from the supermarket then you are probably familiar with how cardboard tastes.

You can sell the pizza dough fresh, or you can freeze them and sell than that way. You will have to wrap the dough in a zip lock bag preferably, and you can either stretch the dough to the size of a pizza or let the customer take care of that. In addition to this, you will also be able to sell them the vegetables and even the cheese which they need for making the pizza, and that is called upselling.

Selling sourdough at the farmers market

Sourdough bread has started to be extremely popular in the last couple of years. You can either sell the sourdough or you can make bread from it and sell it that way. If you have a limited space to bake and your oven is fairly small then you should probably stick with selling the dough itself. There is a certain process of how you can make sourdough bread, and there are plenty of online tutorials for them.

Selling cinnamon raisin bread at the farmers market

Cinnamon raisin bread is usually sold around the holidays, they take a fairly long time to make when you compare them to some of the other baked goods on this list but they will be one of your best selling baked goods during the holidays. You can still sell them outside the holiday season as everybody has something to celebrate once in a while and cinnamon raisin bread are great for birthdays.

Selling cupcakes at the farmers market

Cupcakes are a great way to earn some extra money at the farmer’s market. They do not need a lot of ingredients and even if your oven is fairly small you can still make a lot of them. What I love most about cupcakes is that you can add a theme to them during the holidays, and these sell out literally like hotcakes. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to always write down the recipe which you are using so this way you can offer the same cupcakes to your clients if they become popular.

Selling fudge at the farmers market

Fudge is extremely easy to make and there are only a few ingredients needed to make them. They also do not need a lot of space, although they will need refrigeration. During the summertime, you will have some difficulty selling fudge as they tend to melt fairly fast. Just make a big tray of fudge and cut them up into smaller blocks, you can sell them either by their weight or by piece, it is up to you.

Selling muffins at the farmers market

Muffins are probably one of the easiest baked good which you can sell on the farmers market. Everybody knows what a muffin is, and a lot of people tend to buy it as it reminds them of their childhood. The most popular kinds of muffins which are sold at farmers’ markets are the ones with blueberry in them, these will sell out extremely fast.

Selling peanut butter cookies at the farmers market

Peanut butter cookies are extremely easy to make and they will probably be one of your fastest-selling baked goods. The best thing about peanut butter cookies is that they have a long shelflife and they do not need any kind of refrigeration. In addition to this, you can easily make them in a normal-sized oven without a problem. If you manage somehow to get the cookies to the market while they are hot then they will most likely be a success.

Selling homemade caramel at the farmers market

Homemade caramel is fairly easy to make, although depending on which recipe you are using they can start melting in the heat. You can customize the caramel bars in a lot of different ways, my personal favorite are the ones that have chocolate on top and a fresh strawberry. If you make both fudge and caramel then you can combine them to make something extremely delicious, you can sell them by weight or by piece.

Selling cinnamon rolls at the farmers market

Cinnamon rolls require a few ingredients and they are not hard to make, although it definitely takes some time to make them. If you are new to the farmers market then you should start with some popular baked goods which everybody has heard of, this way the first sales will come in a lot faster. If your customers like the cinnamon rolls tan they will definitely try out some of your unique homemade baked goods.

Selling bruschetta at the farmers market

Bruschetta is an Italian finger food, basically, it is a slice of bread which you grill, rub with garlic and put some olive oil on it. For the topping you can use vegetables, no meat needed on Bruschettas, the traditional topping for this finger food are tomatoes with some basil. These taste excellent, especially if you want to grab something delicious while shopping at the farmer’s market. Just keep in mind that the slice of bread has to be fairly small, so the clients can eat it in one or two bites.

Selling brownies at the farmers market

Almost everybody loves brownies, most of them are made with chocolate although I seen them made with other flavors like vanilla as well. Brownies are fairly easy to make, but they tend to melt in the heat so you will need to use some sort of packaging, and small cupcake-sized cardboard dishes to avoid the clients getting dirty fingers. You can customize your brownies with a lot of extra ingredients like nuts, cream cheese, and frosting.

In conclusion

You have plenty of options on what kind of baked goods you can sell at the farmer’s market. My personal recommendation is to make a batch of a couple of baked goods and see how your customers like them, sooner or later you will make one which will be excellent and you will make a nice profit from it.